Jackie Collins

Welcome to Jackie Collins Cars located in Weatherford Texas about 30 minutes west of Fort Worth. We have a variety of older cars from fully restored originals, classics, to street rods. These are completed turn-key vehicles. We have drivers and polished show winners. Some are updated with modern driving conveniences while others are lovingly restored in their original style. The collection is ever changing so visit us often. We invite you to link to the media pages too. Jackie Collins has many years experience designing amazing custom interiors. Jackie specializes in period correct cars of the fifties and sixties era. He also perfects the interiors in thirties cars thru the sixties.

Jackie's Story

Jackie Wayne Collins was born the tenth child of a farmer in Northeast Texas. His mother, Mollie Owens Collins, told the story of coming to south Texas in a covered wagon. His grandparents came to Texas from Alabama in the late 1800's to settle and live off the land and had seventeen children. After purchasing with a bag of gold acres of land covered in tall pines, the family cleared it and developed a profitable farm raising crops and cotton. After his grandfather died Jackie's parents and nine of the children moved in with "Grandma" and kept the farm going. When Jackie was two years old, The Army Corp of Engineers decided to build an 18000 acre complex called Red River Army Depot. Many communities instantly dissapeared including Clybert Springs where the Collins homesteaded. Those were hard times, for men who worked their land, to start over.

After moving from town to town during his childhood, Jackie spent his remaining youth in a little town outside of Fort Worth called Smithfield, TX. He lived there with his mother and two siblings after his parents divorced. He rode his motorcycle down highway 67 often to visit family in the Texarkana area.

A job opened up in the upholstery shop his older brother worked at so there he learned the basics of making seat covers. He says that they made hundreds of them every week. Jackie found that he really enjoyed working with his hands and creating things. This was during the fifty's when automobiles were so beautifully designed. Jackie pursued his intrigue with upholstery and began to look at every magazine and publication he could get his hands on. He managed to buy a simple sewing machine and diligently set out to teach himself how to do the upholstery on all kinds of cars.

This developed skill led to other upholstery jobs where he gained experience and eventually expertise. He says that he benefits from the ability to visualize something before it is created. He opened his first shop in Hurst Texas in 1961. He kept abreast of community development and even served on the city council. Real estate was his other major interest. Jackie invested his money in his business and commercial real estate. He continues to live by the philosophy "If I can't walk on it, hold it or see it, then I don't invest in it". This served him well, especially later when others were suffering from fallen stock markets and 401Ks.

As a young adult he owned a small ranch and enjoyed riding horses while raising his family. He started his collection of classic and antique cars. Jackie earned the respect of his community and his peers in the custom upholstery business. When he was in his late forties Jackie left his business to his son, Rick, and retired. His retirement lasted one very brief moment.

Jackie began a search for land for a larger ranch in the surrounding areas. He selected a few hundred undeveloped acres on Highway 920 in Parker County about five miles out of Weatherford, TX. He says he could visualize a large blue Victorian Manor settled on a majestic hill surrounded by cedars and red oaks. He imagined a winding country lane approaching the home nestled in the midst of the century year old live oak trees.

Jackie drew the blueprints, cleared the land. He lived in a RV parked under the oaks while he built his dream. Eventually his vision became a reality. His home is now a legacy of his hard work and perseverance. Many relics from the past decorate the buildings. Refusing to finance his construction with debt, he gradually added full service, trim and upholstery and paint and body shops.

Most visitors to the beautiful 10 car showroom ask "what is that?" when they see the British made Daimler made by Mercedes-Benz. It is by far the most rare of the collection. Most of the production plants were bombed during World War II, so there are not many Daimlers remaining. The story of Jackie's Daimler has been featured in three major publications. Many of the vehicles Jackie has built, painted, and upholstered have won awards and been published.

Jackie has built a unique collection of Street Rods and Classics over the years. Jackie has vast memorabilia from the heydays of the 1950's and 60's. Jackie restores Gas Pumps, Coca-Cola Ice Boxes and even Train Lights. Some his vehicles range from a 1941 Ford Truck, a 1976 Corvette Stingray to a pair of 1960 Thunderbirds. Many vehicles are originals, however some are unique customs.

Many items in the collection are for sale, check the links above. Typically there are over twenty vintage cars, classic motorcycles, custom trucks and unique antiques for sale. This unique inventory is constantly changing so act quickly if interested.

Jackie Collins Cars continues to upholster vehicles, race boats and other projects of interest. People continually come from all over the country asking Jackie to create custom interiors and restore unique antiques. Please contact us if interested.

Happy Customer

"Jackie Collin's classic cars are great quality. The car I purchased has won several awards. He personally designed the interior which is quite unique!"